Burn Care Trust

“Full recovery from burn injury requires a holistic approach to healing and a multi-disciplinary team is essential”
Dr Nikki Allorto

Hospital Support

Dressing Room Revamp

Sun Hats

We support units needing medication for pain and itch as well as virgin coconut oil for scar  management. Provide sun hats for children as  lifelong sun protection post burn injury. Upgrades to burn wards and treatment rooms.

Surgical Equipment

Purchased dermatomes and skin meshers for skin grafting. Skin grafting is a lifesaving procedure for patients with deep burns that is necessary for healing of the burn.

Scar Management

Purchased sewing machine and pressure garment material for occupational therapists looking after burn patients in PMB as well as aqueous cream given directly to patients, all in aid of improving scar management in order to get the best scar possible for patients who have survived their burn injury.

Mom's Information Booklet

Developed an information booklet by the multidisciplinary team for mom's about what a burn is, what a skin graft is, what happens in hospital, what all the pipes are for, goals of therapy and scar management once at home.This is translated into Zulu and given to each mom on admission.