Burn Care Trust

“28 children are severely burnt every day in Kwazulu-Natal, due to accidents in the home. 18 of these children die every month.”
Dr Nikki Allorto

Ubuntu Initiative

Improving Donation Rates
Successful international models demonstrate that a country’s donor rate can be vastly increased by improving donor awareness, training, routine referral networks within hospitals and collaborations between various stakeholders.

Pilot Research Project: Increasing Tissue donation in South Africa within the state sector
Hospital: Greys Pietermaritzburg
Duration: 2 Years
Permission has been granted to implement Management Policy no 85 which we have written and proposed.

Three main areas of activity are covered in the policy:
  1. Hospital Community awareness
    Raising awareness is the process of increasing visibility on a certain topic, which empowers and encourages community participation from an informed point of view. Zulu awareness materials, posters and pamphlets will be provided to facilitate information sharing
  2. Wards to implement routine referrals of all deaths within 4 hours
  3. Hospital mortuary to facilitate the retrieval of tissue by selected internal and external parties

Burn Care The PMB Way

Burns is a neglected area of training in low-middle income countries, despite the  burden of injury being quite significant. The majority of injuries are minor to  moderate and managed by non-specialists. Burn Care The PMB Way is an initiative to share knowledge on managing burns with healthcare practitioners wanting to improve their skills.

This web app shares with you our simple practical protocols that we use in a resource constrained setting, as well as lectures on a variety of topics, with an option for obtaining CPD points. On Wednesdays you can join us for a zoom tutorial 3:30 - 4 pm, that covers the full spectrum of issues related to burns across the multidisciplinary team.