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National Burn Database | Burn Care Trust

“As a research tool, a burn database will allow us to quantify what we do, how we do it and how we can improve it.”
~ Dr Nikki Allorto

What is a database?

It’s a standardised collection of information that can be used for a number of reasons like epidemiological data capture, aggregate reporting or research. The world health organisation defines a health information system as a system that integrates data collection, processing, reporting, and use of the information necessary for improving health service effectiveness and efficiency through better management at all levels of health services.

Why do we need a national burn database?

Both scanty notes by medical professionals and poor storage of files results in notoriously poorly kept medical records. The majority of these are paper based. There are certainly no data capturers in the state sector for standardisation of medical information onto any system. There is no doubt that accurate medical records are important. National statistics on burn injuries will give us a detailed description of the problem and highlight the areas of deficiency that need address on a national level.

How do burn victim’s benefit?

As a research tool, a burn database will allow us to quantify what we do, how we do it and how we can improve it. As an epidemiological tool we can evaluate who gets burnt and how they get burnt. We will be able to direct prevention campaigns to the appropriate targets, direct resources such as burn units and centers to the areas of need and will show the magnitude of the problem allowing influence of the state. A record of patient management, complications, operations and outcome would allow us to understand the deficits and needs in each of our hospitals as well as to measure the impact of an intervention such as a skin bank.

Our solution

We have an innovative solution designed and developed by a surgeon with information technology support and collaboration. It serves as both an electronic medical record and registry for national statistics. Appropriate ethical approval and consent from patients is necessary. Protection of information will obey all laws and ethics. The electronic solution is practical and will be tailored to needs on a continual basis.